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Celebrating life - it’s My Birthday!

Updated: Oct 20, 2020

I grew up in a family where birthdays are really special.

Part of the tradition was to be woken up by all the family singing Happy Birthday. Then throughout the day, I will receive plenty of calls, messages, and treats from my friends and family making me feel special and spoiled. In the afternoon when I went back home from school, my place would be decorated with balloons hanging from the ceiling and streamers all over. And at night my closest friends and family will come over for dinner, sing happy birthday and eat cake.

Yeah, birthday celebrations are a big thing for me. However, moving to Australia broke up all these family traditions and special ways of celebrating as now everyone is far away. In my new journey, I decided to always organize something in advance to ensure my birthday celebration. I started with pyjamas party then transitions to parties and now dinners are the thing. So for the last 5 years, I’ve been celebrating my birthday on a boat party sailing around the Sydney Harbour. Sounds like a dream right!

Anyway, this year I have turned 29th and my lovely fiance planned a surprise trip for me, I know sounds great! But, in the back of my head I kept on asking my self how am I going to celebrate with my friends? It’s my last year before 30? Well, last year was my last year before 29. With all these meaningless thoughts, I decided to reevaluate how to bring the true meaning of celebrating another year of life.

This was the conclusion I got to. 4 new actions that I will start making a tradition for my birthday:

1- Looking Back

I’ve found myself caught up in my present daily tasks and planning the next adventures; however, sometimes I feel like I am not doing enough like something is missing. What I realized is that usually, I forget to thank life for everything I am getting every day and feel proud and happy for my accomplishments, mistakes, and learnings. So yeah take this day to look back, look back what your last year was like, recognize your year, and thank life and the universe for all of the good and not so good 365 days of life you just had.

2- Get out of the Zone

You might hear this one quite often and think yep I should be doing that, but when? Well, I’ve been procrastinating launching my website, and the reason I tell everyone is that I really want to do it but I can’t find the time! Yeah right, what it’s really going on my mind is that I am afraid of jumping out of my comfort zone and adventuring myself to post content and be criticized, liked, and disliked. So what a better driver to do something like this on your birthday, when you are celebrating life and are powered up to take a risk like stepping out of the comfort zone!

**And here you are having the privilege to read my first article on my new website**

BHAG - As big as the ocean

3-BHAG is Calling!

I believe that each year of your life has a “mission”. Although you will accomplish through the year a variety of goals, there is one area of your life that usually succeeds the most. Sometimes you just feel like going with the flow and that is fine, but some other times you are eager for growth like me.

Having a Big Hairy Audacious Goal will make you feel inspired every day to get out of bed and have a purpose that is driving your life. Although it requires some thinking of what is that dream you want to accomplish and then break it down into steps to get there. It is guaranteed that if you start taking action today, next year you will be celebrating your success and be inspired to create your next BHAG.

4- Look Ahead

After recapping your year, doing something out of your comfort zone, and building your BHAG, there’s is still more. Think of the plans, month by month, that you already have for this coming year. Is there anything else you would like to add? Create a year tracker divided month on month with what you need to accomplish that BHAG and follow your year's progress to ensure your success.

I love my birthday, definitely the favourite day of the year and I always aim to find a fun way to celebrate it. However, who said one extra year of life was going to be taken for granted.

And if you are not a fan of celebrating it, you can still tag along this interesting process when another year of life comes by your side :).

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