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Choosing your bridal team

As you might have read in my previous posts, my partner is Norwegian, we live in Australia and we will get married in Colombia this 2020. So just for 2 secs imagine... Normally, planning a wedding can be a bit challenging and time-consuming. Now add to it the cross-cultural difference of three countries coming together for one special celebration...

Yes, yes, we are excited about it! But of course, to make this journey easier we thought it will be great to search for support from our closest loved ones...

And this is what we called Our bridal team

How did we end up deciding to have a bridal team?

Well, Martin and I shared a nice brunch to talk about it and got to the conclusion that this was a great opportunity to recognize some of the top amazing people that have been consistently in our life journey: core family members, school friends, Uni mates, and professional colleagues. And through the years have built a long-lasting relationship with us further than just the moments we once shared together.

Who is part of the bridal team?

The family of the bride

The family of the groom

The bridesmaids

The groomsmen

The Masters of Ceremony

The page boy

The flower girl

Why did you choose your bridesmaids?

Fun fact: Usually in Colombia and Norway you only choose your Maid of Honor and your Best Man, that’s it. But, unconsciously we have been well influenced by Australia and from the beginning always thought about doing a bridal party with bridesmaids and groomsmen.

My bridesmaids are a group of 4, I’ll introduce them in chronological order as they became part of my life.

1994, My sister - Maid of Honor was born, my mirror and my opposite, perfect combination to thrive in life together. She is my ongoing motivation when I need and extra pus, she longingly teaches me about life and always reminds me about the importance of a smile.

1996, My school bf - Bridesmaid. Became part of my life when I joined the Santa Francisca Romana School. Through high school years, we were neighbors we took the same bus, we used to do homework together, we were part of the cheerleading squad and the 2006-07 winning formula to lead the Student board.

2007, My Uni mate - bridesmaid started her bachelor in Journalism at La Universidad de La Sabana just like me. Together we never missed a single party, plus Nati used to make sure we were the last ones to leave enjoying every single moment of it. She became part of our family and is always ready for a new adventure.

2013, My work colleague - bridesman, I hired him to become part of my team in GYG a where we shared our life stories and laugh at the rhythm of the music while making burritos and washing the dishes. he became a really important part of my Australian adventure by always inspiring me to never give up in thought moments.

Where is the bridal team based?

Luckily Martin’s family, his Master of Ceremony and all the groomsmen are Norwegians based in Oslo, all of them speak English but none of them speak Spanish.

While My family, Master of Ceremony and 2 bridesmaids are in Colombia, 1 in Spain and 1 in Australia. They all speak Spanish and only some of them English, but no Norwegian at all.

When will the bridal team all meet?

Neither of the groomsmen knows the bridesmaid and vice versa and they are all around the world. The first time they will meet will be in Colombia. We will have a weekend together before the wedding to have some quality time and introduce ourselves to each other’s most important people in our life.

What is the main challenge?

I guess not being in the same place at the same time, makes communication and team decisions harder.

We did a book, just for the bridal team, to share our love story, introduce our families, who are the bridal team and masters of ceremony. Plus a chronogram day by day and where we needed their help. The purpose of this was to make sure that although we are all in different places in the world, we are on the same page.

How will the bridal team help you on this journey?

As we will be getting married in Palomino, Colombia, it will be a destination wedding.

I am really pumped to have the opportunity to show around my beautiful Colombia to all our guests. To make this happen, we have arranged a week before the wedding with some tourist activities, good food and parties in Bogotá and Santa Marta. Then the big day will come and we will all be in Palomino. And for those who still have more holidays to keep on exploring with us, we would have a week around the historic Cartagena and some of the most beautiful islands of Colombia.

Yeah, a lot of planning, booking, and recommendations to do. Taking into consideration all the effort that in itself a wedding requires. We are grateful to have the support from our bridal team for the pre/post wedding activities to make all of it happen, nice and smooth.

Hip hip hurrays for this lovely cross-cultural experience that is about to come and cheers to making love borderless.

1st of August 2020 we can’t wait ♥️

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