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Memories of the Hawkesbury River

Updated: Feb 12

Every year, to celebrate the end of summer, we gather together with our friends and their friends in our traditional Weekend House Boat Party!

It all started five years ago when our Venezuelan friend Benji came with the idea of renting these house boats, that fitted 10 people to - sleep, eat, party and repeat - all weekend and you could drive without needing a boat license.

The idea sounded amazing! The first time we did it was in 2015 with 3 boats used to be known as the ’Latinos’ , ‘Bondi’ and ‘Mitchy’s’. On that year we were feeling adveturous so during the day we did activities like hiking to the watefall, jumping a cliff and even some went spear fishing, while in the night we were pumping some tunes, partying and jumping in the water. The next year we repeated the same concept, there was better preparation in terms of water, food and alcohol. We decided to bring the party to the beach and we were amazed by swiming in the night with the plankton.

On 2017 we decided to go wild and do 4 days 3 nights, add 2 more boats to the party and celebrate Australian day on the river. The trip was a success! We painted our faces and conmemorated Australian day by doing the traditional BBQ and listened to the 100 count down from triple J. We also had themed boats like pirates, hawaians and militars. During the day all the floaties went out and we party in the water. In the nights we hosted the parties at Fisherman’s Bay Beach that we set up with christmas lights, a dj on the rocks and everyone dancing along.

After such a sucess we said, you know what... we can do 10 boats on 2018, and OMG! Did we had a festival in the Hawkesbury River! As most of you know you need to anchor your boat every night, and finding good places with not much wind for 10 boats and safety distance within each other was indeed a challenge. However, that did not stoped us from once again having an epic weekend with our friends and the friends of our friends. Literally 100 people getting to know each other in 3 days 2 nights.

Anyway, this year we went back to basics and said you know what.... lets go back to 3 boats and see how we go... Here is a recap of 2019, 5th year celebration of friendship at the Hawkesbury River!

Cheers for all you who have ever been to one of this tradional house boat parties and looking forward to what idea will come in 2020.


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