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We Sent Our Save The Date

Updated: Oct 19, 2020

Woop yeey! We got engaged and couldn’t have been more perfect than what HE did.

University Cruise Orientation Week 2011

A quick recap for those who don't know our story, Martin and I met at Macquarie University in February 2011. He came from Norway to do his exchange semester in economics and I came from Colombia to do my Double Degree Masters in International Relations and Arts. On the first day of the welcoming week for international students I was running late and when I got to the room, the first empty chair I found was by his side. From there onwards our love story began... Our first kiss was the 1st of March 2011 and since then we’ve been celebrating this date as our anniversary.

Last year (2018) when celebrating our anniversary, Martin invited me to do the bridge climb and surprised me by proposing on the top of Sydney Harbour Bridge! And I won’t forget what he said: We are at the highest point you can be in Syndey and your love takes me above and beyond from here. The day, the moment, the way it happened, the weather, the ring, everything was just perfect <3

OMG! I said YES!

Yeah! after you get engaged, celebrate, live on the moon for some weeks... Usually, the next step is to plan a wedding woohoo!

But the first thing is you need to know is where you want this to happen, so the basic first step is to choose the venue and when you have confirmed the place the famous save the date comes into play.

As the plan is to get married on the 1st of August 2020. There are a lot of things that came into my mind...

- When is the best day to send the save the date?

- Since we are having a wedding destination (a whole pre-week of activities) how much information should we include?

- What does a save the date need to say?

- Do we want it print or digital?

- Do we need to do it in the 3 different languages?

I’ve never done this before, so there were a lot of questions bombarding my head and we were googling for ideas and best ways of doing a Save the Date. However, as Martin and I kept on talking about how this could look like, we were certain that the most important thing was that it reflected a 100% us and our relationship.

So the designated weekend (highly recommend to set up some time in your calendar for this) to work on this project came and after all our research we said we wanted to make something that is a snap summarized our love story to share with everyone who we were inviting and at the end, the wedding date will be revealed.

This were the steps we took to get there:

1- Design our website, we decided to go with www.minted.com as we loved the design of a wedding invitation and we could match our website, save the date, table numbers, to this design. Also, it allowed us to easily track our invites and the different activities our guests will be attending. Plus send basic emails to the guest requesting dietary info and other personal details.

2- How to send it. Since we needed to send the Save the Date in Norwegian, English, and Spanish, we decided to do it through Electronic Direct Mail. For this, we chose www.mailchimp.com as this allowed us to design the Save the Date Edm template and just change the language and email addresses it needed to be sent to.

3- The Message. And the hardest of all, what were we going to say!? Martin and I thought a video was the nicest way to communicate in a minute our loved story and revealed the wedding date at the end. So we edited the video with photos of our travels and time together, some emotional music, and special phrases. This was easy to embed in the Mailchimp and the rest of the info was written.

After ticking all the boxes to create the Save the dates in Norwegian, English, and Spanish, we thought that it would make it extra special to send the Save the Date on the 1st of March 2019. As we could celebrate the day we first kiss, the anniversary of being engaged and invite our loved ones to celebrate our wedding. Successfully, we managed to send it as planned. Giving our lovely guest 17 months heads up to get ready to book holidays and go to Colombia to celebrate this international love.

For all of you starting this journey of doing a Save the Date, planning a wedding, and making it a destination. Hope this article inspires you on how exciting this stage of your life is, and any questions or recommendations don't hesitate in reaching out.

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